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I don't think the 30 people reference was about an orgy, but about the number of people on the set. I didn't think it was her but more a train of thought I was following of A list method actors who might be jerks. Monica Belluci or what about Liv Tyler? Evangeline Lilly quit after Lost ended I know she's married with a kid now, but she fits the description fairly well, no?

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I wouldn't think it would be found on movie sets with A list actors smoking it until at least a few years after that although it is rumored that Tupac hung with one of the guys credited with "inventing" crack

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I think it could be Fairuza Balk. Also, the item says that the actor decided to do 'drugs', which could mean anything from weed upwards. I think the method actor was John Hurt and the director was Q Tarentino and with Deniro as the sex scene partner. Could be way off, she was famous late teens, and was all over then disappeared, has a few award nominations. Off to do more research.

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  • Kole 10 days ago

    she looks like Scarlett Johansson

  • Kannon 29 days ago

    michelle obama doing porn now ok

  • Seth 21 days ago

    For those who wonder, her name is "slim big bootah",